Project Brief

Client: Free Together
Date: 2018
Type: User Experience Design

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User JourneyIA and Sitemap

The Free Together ecosystem exists to source “stories” from users. SPN (Free Together’s parent company) is in need of “heroes” to represent their major issue campaigns affecting key demographic groups in specific areas of the United States. The current website currently has no formal pipeline for generating those leads.

When I joined the project, the team’s intent was to design a news blog focused on key issues, to encourage others to share their stories and drive awareness. The findings of the user research on the Free Together Facebook community were clear: the demographic that Free Together originally identified was too broad for the project goals.

Using the research data, I created empathy maps to illustrate the range of Free Together’s audience as well as a purpose built diagram to highlight their similarities.

During my contract at Emergent Order I worked with the team to deliver empathy maps, user surveys, user journeys, information architecture, wireframes, mock-ups and functional prototypes.